Five Tips To Embracing The Pivotal Moments In Life

Today, I’m thinking of a pivotal moment in my life.

Some of my most profound pivotal moments, I experienced in seemingly subtle moments of my life.

I was in a high school philosophy class discussing the existence of God.

This was point in my life in which I was struggling with the God that was presented to me in my church upbringing.

I was uncertain what I believed, at the same time I knew that I felt better when I was connected to a higher source.

Suddenly it became clear to me.

I said “It really does not matter whether there is a God or not because at the end of my life there either will be something more or there will not.  So, I am choosing to live my life with the beliefs that make me feel good while I am alive!”

That was such an important moment in my life because it allowed me to set aside the debate and explore the enchantment, which of course is exactly what brought me to where I am today.

We often think of Pivotal Moments as large life changing events such as going to college, marriage, giving birth, or the death of a loved one.

While these events do change our lives significantly but each of these events is created from a series of smaller moments that often go unobserved.

It is our internal response to specific moments that can shift us profoundly.

Another example of this for me occurred when I was in college.

I was a Syracuse University exchange Student in London the semester leading up to the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.  Many of my friends and most of my fellow students were on the plane that went down just before Christmas.

As defining as this event was to me, it was a few weeks later in the quiet of the night that I experienced a pivotal moment that would change my life.

Attending a memorial service for my friend Lindsey in Baltimore, I spent the weekend with her family.

They of course were anxious to hear about the last six months of her life as back then overseas communication was limited so they knew very little about her last moments on Earth.

After an evening of sharing memories with them; being in a sense the voice of their daughter/sister, I said goodnight.

Shortly after sliding into the bed, in that dreamy state just before sleep, I was startled by a vision of Lindsey sitting on the bed with me.

This was my first experience seeing and hearing a loved one after death.  I was of course a bit uneasy at first, but her love and friendship soothed me.

She shared with me a message she needed her family to hear and in the morning I told her family about the experience.

They were both open and grateful to hear of her peace.  This pivotal moment sent me on a journey of exploration and mastery that led to my life as a Spiritual Seer, Teacher Coach and Author.

Consciously embracing the pivotal moments in our lives can profoundly impact our ability to create a fulfilling life.

Here are a few tips to consciously embracing pivotal moments:

Silence~ Whether it is meditation, going for a walk or washing the dishes, give yourself at least a few minutes every day to be in silence.  In silence you will naturally review the day and become aware of the subtler moments of insight.

  • Journal~ Write down your thoughts even before they are fully formed.  Clarity often comes when we begin to put words to our thoughts.
  • Mantra~ Make “I Chose Love Over Fear” your daily mantra.  Tape it to your mirror, your steering wheel, your desk, so you remember to interpret the moments in your life from a base of Love.
  • Seek the Subtle~ Look beyond the large defining moments of your life to the smaller subtler aspects that surround them. Sometimes we focus so much on the story lines of our lives that we miss the transforming opportunities in front of us.
  • Be Present~  If you are worrying about the future or longing for the past you will miss the miracles of the moment.  Practice staying focused and present in each moment.  Being in the moment allows you to embrace these pivotal moments when they present themselves. 

What Pivotal Moments have you experienced in your life:  Were they Subtle or Bold?  How have they influenced your life path?

Sheila Applegate

Sheila Applegate

MSW. Manifestation Life Coach

One of my favorite moments is when I gaze into my empty fridge and pantry (which happens a lot when I am immersed in a creative project) then putting odd random ingredients together, I create a delectable masterpiece.

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