I Want Someone Who Understands Me

“The worst kind of loneliness in the world is the isolation that comes from being misunderstood.” Dan Brown, Inferno

Dan Brown has been an inspiration to me for years. His novels always seem to expand my understandings and help me to bring words to the very elements I am processing at the time I read them.

As a human race we have become infatuated with creating a world of black and white, good and evil. This polarized view helps to justify acts of war and segregation.

It is our desire to be understood, coupled by our unwillingness to understand that is reflected in the current state of our world.

Whether it is a bombing, a shooting or any other desperate act, people immediately say “I don’t understand how anyone could do that…”

When I express compassion and understanding for the multitude of factors that lead to violence it often makes people uncomfortable.

It is as if my ability to understand is interpreted as an acceptance or endorsement of these behaviors. Even more it is interpreted as a disregard to the identified victims.

I would say that we are all victims and we are all perpetrators of each act of violence that exists in our world.

This is the very reason many people refuse to understand others’ points of view.

When we take the time to understand all the levels that influence those whom we wish to label Evil, we will in fact find that what we see in others is also within us.

Perhaps it is the fear of understanding ALL the layers of ourselves that shields us from understanding others and keeps others from understanding us.

This is not just about understanding extreme acts of violence.

This happens daily in our relationships. Most struggles in relationships are the result of one or both people feeling misunderstood.


But how can we understand another when we do not even fully understand ourselves?

In order to understand both ourselves and others we must acknowledge the many layers of our being.

As humans we are all the vibrations from the cells of our bodies to the vast oneness that is All That Is.

In this awareness, we remember that we are pure energy.

As Reflections of Conscious Oneness, we are simply experiencing various aspects of ourselves and therefore no one is separate from us.

Each one of us, at our core is simply moving towards this remembrance and therefore at the core all actions are within this Divine Reflection.

At the other end of the spectrum we have the cellular level. In this space our decisions are simply based on a primitive instinct to survive. One acts from a  fight or flight response to a perceived threat.

Most of our behaviors are influenced primarily from the many levels of vibration within these two extremes and therefore understanding ourselves and others; feeling understood by ourselves and others becomes tricky.

When we learn to consciously navigate the frequencies of this spectrum, especially the middle vibrations, we have an expanded perspective that allows us to fully understand and embrace all of who we are.

With conscious understanding, we acknowledge all the levels of our being from our most primitive survival instinct to our perfect divine reflection.

In this space of conscious understanding, we are able to reflect love into even the darkest aspects of human existence.

Which is good, because Love is the most powerful force in this Universe.


Learning to consciously navigate the full spectrum of your life experience is easier than it seems.

I have developed the technique of Conscious Meditation (CM) which combined with basic steps of self-exploration create a process of integration that allows you to gently navigate these energies in your daily life.

Through Personal Coaching, I teach you this technique as I guide you in the process of applying awareness to your life and relationships with ease.

Life is easier when you understand yourself and the people around you.

Life becomes even more wonderful as you begin to attract into your life people who can understand you in all of your various aspects.

Sheila Applegate

Sheila Applegate

MSW. Manifestation Life Coach

One of my favorite moments is when I gaze into my empty fridge and pantry (which happens a lot when I am immersed in a creative project) then putting odd random ingredients together, I create a delectable masterpiece.

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