Overcome This Simple Secret To Manifesting Your Dreams
That Most People Overlook

Do you believe life should be more than the mundane of working everyday just to pay your bills?

Do you long for deeper relationships?

Do you miss feeling the wonder in life?

Manifesting a dream life means embracing all of life with passion.
It means deep heart centered relationships with your partner, children, parents, and friends.

It means communicating with loved ones who have crossed over,
feeling connected to nature and resting in the Universe’s embrace in every moment.

Does that sound like something you would enjoy?
Have you read every book, taken every course only to discover you keep slipping back into the mundane or longing for something more?
Are you on fire with the art of manifestation one minute and calling it B.S. the next?

Have you become so good at non-attachment and meditation that life has started to feel like an annoying interruption?

Do you go from one coach, healer or teacher to the next breathing in the
high you get from their majestic vision like a mini vacation from the mundane?

Does higher consciousness and spiritual vision seem like something only a few are gifted with?
If you relate to any of these then you are probably overlooking this simple secret that I am about to share with you.

You may even be actively helping the world suppress it without even realizing it.


Take a deep breath and get ready for me to reveal this most powerful secret to Manifesting a dream life.


Wait what?

Is that all?

Are you disappointed?

Don’t be, because I am honestly giving you one of the most powerful keys to unlocking the UNIVERSE.

You have heard that the best kept secrets are hidden in plain sight, haven’t you?

Think about how hard society works to suppress the art of imagination?
Funding of the arts is at an all-time low and even recess is being withdrawn from classrooms.

Now think about how magical life is for children…
Doesn’t it make sense that we come into this existence with the tools we need to navigate it?

Heck, even Jesus told us children hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven.

Maybe we should pay attention to this message?

And while we are at it….

Have you ever noticed that all the greatest prophets and messiahs speak in parables?

Why do you think that is?

Because, OUR IMAGINATION is the KEY to unlocking the messages within their teachings.

Let’s Talk about Imagination…

It is the springboard to everything we do.

Nothing would exist without imagination.

If someone had not looked up into the sky and said, “it would be awesome to capture a little piece of that great big ball of fire so that I could be warm and see at night.” Where would we be?

Not only would we not have s’mores…

We would not have heat in our homes, electricity, cooked food.

The list goes on.

And those are just the big things.

Innovators are imaginers that change our lives.

But imagination dictates every moment of our lives.


Wait… not really…. But in that split second as I asked you to do this, you were not only thinking “what the heck?”.

Even if you did not notice it, your mind imagined where your car was, imagined yourself grabbing your keys, walking to the car, looking in your glove compartment.

You may even have imagined what was in it.

It happened so fast that you may have not even paid attention to it.

My point is you do not do anything without imagination.

Without imagination you would not even get out of bed.

So why would you ignore imagination in your quest for Higher Consciousness?

It makes no sense.

Still people do it every day.

I cannot even tell you how many times, people have asked me
“how do I know it is not just my imagination?”

JUST my imagination?

Poor imagination gets such a bad rap!

What makes me different from most people, is I never bought into the whole “Imagination is for children” thing.
Even before I became a Writer, Meditation Teacher and Coach, I was a Child Therapist specializing in PLAY Therapy.

YES, even psychotherapists respect imagination more than most people on the path to awakening.

In our society we take the art of manifesting very seriously.

Serious contemplation may answer your question of what, but it will not get you to the how. You will know what you want to manifest, but you will not feel the manifestation take form until you unleash your imagination.

Let your imagination lead you.

You only imagined going to your car for a split second, but what if you learn to slow that process down…. Take your time to focus on the part of your brain that imagines… and let that lead you to the magic of life. In time it will prove itself to be MORE than just imagination.

Sheila Applegate

Sheila Applegate

MSW. Manifestation Life Coach

One of my favorite moments is when I gaze into my empty fridge and pantry (which happens a lot when I am immersed in a creative project) then putting odd random ingredients together, I create a delectable masterpiece.

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