Beyond The Portal Live with Sheila Applegate Online March 21st 2020


Beyond The Portal Live with Sheila Applegate Online March 21st 2020

by Sheila Applegate


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Beyond The Portal
A Safe Space to Heal and Harmonize.

This event will now be remote for all to attend in the comfort of their homes.

You can choose to access via internet of phone.

This gathering offers several meditations, messages from the Divine and healing energy activations. After each activation there will be a break for you to integrate, journal, move around or get a bite to eat.

Holding open the Portal to Love, Sheila brings forth messages from the Divine to inspire, heal, and transform your life. From the highest frequencies of All That Is to the Loved One with whom your heart longs to connect, Sheila navigates the conversations with an ease that reminds you, love never ends.

Sheila Applegate MSW., Best Selling Author, Manifestation Coach, Spiritual Seer, Reiki Master, & Creator of Consciously Awesome joins with Zac Hansen, Intuitive Seer, Empath, Reiki Master, Co-founder of Consciously Awesome for a day of Healing and Inspiration.

Rest into this supportive healing environment that will leave you feeling nurtured and energized.

This intimate gathering is fluid with layered effects. Sheila and Zac weave together guided meditations with the healing energy of love beyond form to ignite your path to conscious evolution.

Gentle activities will have you resting into the feeling of Oneness, which is far beyond an intellectual concept. Your day includes breaks for silent integration or community collaboration.

Each workshop comes to life through your focused thoughts, comments, and desires. Since this is an open forum to explore conscious creation and beyond – all questions are welcome. As you clarify your intentions for this gathering, you will call in the practical wisdom which will most benefit you and all who are ready to receive

How can you expect to feel after attending this Beyond The Portal Gathering?

  • As if you have just experienced a 4-hour healing massage and reiki session.
  • Energized and renewed on a cellular level.
  • Reduced pain and discomfort.
  • Emotionally balanced and harmonized.

People who attend our Gatherings also report:

  • Increased intuition, synchronicity and awareness of Spiritual Guidance
  • Increased ease in navigating the energies of our world
  • Deeper connections to animals, nature, and people
  • Colors are much more vibrant
  • A more precise focus on purpose
  • Being More grounded
  • Being More energized
  • The Feeling of Love is Stronger

Holistic Practitioners and Energy Healers report:

  • Amplified Healing Energy in their sessions.
  • Expanded visions and intuitive guidance during sessions.
  • Fantastic feedback from clients about their heightened experience during sessions.

Beyond The Portal, gatherings are fluid with layered effects. Here are a few of the key elements you can expect during your day.

  1. Inspired messages from the Divine.
  2. Energy activations.
  3. Supportive healing environment.
  4. Guided Meditation.
  5. Intermissions for integration and relaxation.
  6. Community experience and collaboration.
  7. Q&A with Sheila and Zac.

Beyond The Portal helps to ignite your path to conscious evolution and is known to life-altering effects.

Please see our workshop guidelines which you are asked to acknowledge before participating.  Please be sure to read the cancellation policy by clicking here.

Sheila Applegate, MSW. Manifestation Life Coach & Zachery Hansen.

Date and Time

March 21st 2020

1pm – 5pm PST

4pm – 8pm EST

This event will now be remote for you to attend in the comfort of your home.

You can choose to access via internet of phone.

Cancellation Policy : There are no refunds for this event. Please notify  If you cannot make a session you are signed up for with in 24 hours of the event. In doing so you will be able to come to a later scheduled event.

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