Beyond The Portal With Sheila Applegate Fall 2019 Series; audio recordings of live events in Syracuse NY, Stamford CT and Los Angeles CA.
Journey into the Divine with Sheila as your tour guide.
Enjoy Guided Meditations, communication with loved ones and messages from the Divine.
Included are messages from the Collective We, Magdalene, Isis, Two Feathers, Betty Levy, Sarahi and Steve.
Topics include, opening to the wonder of spirit, our current world energies, the next generation, seeing beyond the illusion.

Weaving through the messages is a theme of discovering oneness from Egyptian, Sikh and Christian perspectives. Also included is Twin Flames, the role of the lightworker, integrating Spiritual understandings into daily life and living in Oneness.
Meditate and align with your higher states of consciousness to amplify your ability to manifest your dreams.
This guidance is practical, compassionate, expansive and lighthearted. Sheila will help you reconnect to the truth within, enhance your relationships, propel your careers, heal grief, discover joy and love deeply. You can Manifest the life you desire.

Beyond the Portal with Sheila Applegate Fall 2019 Bundle

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