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Something Amazing Is About To Happen.

Will You Be There?

Dear Evolving Soul, This Is Your Calling To Anchor In That New Light & Harmonized Humanity

Are you Experiencing…

  • Unexplainable physical, mental, and spiritual symptoms such as abnormal sleep, difficulty focusing, both extreme fatigue and too much energy, anxiety, emptiness, strong emotional ups and downs and more?
  • A sudden internal alarm clock going off like there is an emergency that you need to be prepared for?
  • A loss of identity and connection from the world around you?
  • Vibrant New Energies that are difficult to ground into your reality?
  • A strong positive knowing that humanity is going to be better than ever?

Are You Feeling…

  • Chaotic energy in the people near you and around the world?
  • A strong sense of life purpose but unsure how to accomplish it?
  • A need for reassurance, affirmation and support that you are not alone in this?

Then you are in the right place and we have something very special for you.

Zac Hansen

Zac Hansen

Hi! I am Zac Hansen Intuitive Seer, Empath, Reiki Master, Co-founder of Consciously Awesome along with Sheila Applegate Award Winning Author, MSW, Spiritual Seer, Reiki Master, and Founder of Consciously Awesome.
Sheila Applegate

Sheila Applegate

We Have Dedicated Our Lives To Serving Humanity

To The Best Of Our Ability

We are here to share a very unique and special Gift with you. Humanity is undergoing a great shift in consciousness and physical life.

It sounds dramatic we know. But all the signs and symptoms are present in daily lives across the globe.

Shortly after we said “YES!” to working with each other, our energies and guides came together to create a technique we call Fractal Illumination which helps you move as quickly & effortlessly as possible through these intense times of transition.

Have You Experienced One Or More Of These Symptoms?

Physical Symptoms

  • Heightened stress, anxiety – for apparent reason
  • Exhaustion/fatigue/Adrenal stress
  • Sleeplessness/waking up at odd hours
  • Digestive/digestive tract issues
  • Joint and muscle aches, pain and stiffness
  • Unusual Weight gain or loss
  • Heightened senses
  • Auto-Immune Disorders
  • Heart palpitations
  • Ear Buzzing
  • Vibrating sensation or feeling of electricity moving through your body
Mental/Psychological Symptoms

  • Reduced of sense of self
  • Difficulty meditating
  • Lack of purpose, motivation, drive, ambition
  • Changing interests in career, people, even your taste in food, style of clothing, etc.
  • Sense of support structure dissolving
  • Difficulty remembering words; forget what you were saying mid-sentence
Emotional Symptoms

  • Depressed
  • Anxious
  • Confused
  • Weepy
  • Apathetic – feeling blah
  • Restless
  • Extreme emotional ups and downs
  • Wild and vivid dreams
  • Lack of motivation or ambition
Spiritual/Vibrational/Energetic Symptoms

  • Sensation of being emptied or cleared out
  • Religious beliefs may change or break down or fall away
  • Morals and values may be thrown into question
  • Disconnection from any structured sense of Time

(*This technique is not intended to replace medical or therapeutic treatment.)

These Are Symptoms That May Be A Reflection Of Our Evolution Into A New Vibrant Reality

We understand what is going on with you because we have been going through the same process. We know it’s not easy. Life can be very confusing as you move through these dramatic shifts and changes. It can feel like you are alone in the world.

So many people have had amazing results from attending a Fractal Illumination Gathering.

Take a look at what they have had to say.

People Love Fractal Illumination

“Very excited about my fourth”

“I’ve been to three Fractals – very excited about my fourth. For me, it is an extremely relaxing day, like my entire being is scrubbed of any ills. Then, as the days go by, I notice little things, intuition, prescience, a greater willingness to go with the flow and see what the universe will unfold for me. I guess, in fewer words, it brings my soul peace.”

Viki Voss

“The level of activation and the impact on my body is profound.”

“Yesterday was a turning point and I felt the stillness in knowing this is so. The level of activation and the impact on my body is profound.

I am very very very tired and will take care of myself so that the reset process continues. Knowing both Sheila and Zac as I do, I am particularly happy to see them work so synergistic-ally and magically together.

It is a match made in heaven and earth!”

Mary Schechter

Founder, theintuitiveorganization

“I would recommend this gathering to everyone who wants to accelerate their Spiritual education”

“I have attended several Fractal Illuminations. Each one has been very unique and different from the last. In all of the events I have felt emotional and physical healing taking place, right then and there.

I was introduced to new vibrant frequencies in the meditations that I had not been aware of before. Truly transformational. Sheila and Zac explain every step and make sure you are comfortable with the process. The group energy is amazing and amplifies everything!

I would recommend this gathering to everyone who wants to accelerate their Spiritual education.”

Joyce Appel

RN, Reiki Master, Ambassador of Consciousness

What You Should Expect From Your Fractal Illumination Activation’s?

How can you expect to feel after attending this Fractal Illumination Gathering?
People who attend our Fractal Illumination Gatherings also report:
Holistic Practitioners and Energy Healers report:
  • As if you have just experienced a 2 hour healing massage and Reiki session
  • Energized and renewed on a cellular level
  • Reduced  pain and discomfort
  • Emotionally balanced and harmonized
  • Increased intuition, synchronicity and awareness of Spiritual Guidance
  • Increased ease in navigating the energies of our world
  • Stronger connection to animals, nature and people
  • Colors are much more vibrant
  • Clearer focus on purpose
  • More grounded
  • More energized
  • The Feeling of Love is Stronger
  • Amplified Healing Energy in their sessions
  • Amplified visions and intuitive guidance during sessions
  • Amazing feedback from clients about their heightened experience during sessions

Special Virtual Fractal Illumination in The Comfort of YOur Own Home.

The Corona virus has brought us into a time of physical distancing which allows us to shift our attention and join in support with communities from around the world through the gifts of modern technology.  Choosing a space in your home that supports peace and tranquility is a perfect match to support the process and energies of Fractal Illumination.



May, 14th,  2020


7:00 pm – 9:00 pm EST


 Zac Hansen & Sheila Applegate


In the comfort of your own home via the web or phone.

In support of our current world situation, this is a free community event. We welcome and will appreciate donations in any amount. Thank you.

(Please put a donation in the box. This can be $0. Then hit Register.)

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What Can You Expect From A Fractal Illumination Gathering?

At the Event:

Fractal Illumination gatherings are fluid in nature with layered effects. Here are a few of the key elements you can expect during your day.

  • Multiple Fractal Illuminations activations
  • Supportive healing environment
  • Guided Meditation
  • Community experience and collaboration
  • Q&A with Sheila and Zac

Fractal Illumination helps to ignite your path to conscious evolution and is known to life altering effects.

This Is Going To Be Awesome!

While this is a free community event in support of our current world situation, we welcome and will appreciate donations in any amount. Thank you.

(Please put a donation in the box. This can be $0. Then hit Register.)

Out of stock

Zac and Sheila, I Have A Few Questions First…

Is Fractal Illumination for everyone?
The short answer is no. The long answer is yes. So let us explain.

The process participants undergo through Fractal Illumination is for everyone but not everyone is ready to carry such a high frequency at this time.

Those souls that resonate with the words on this page, whose intuition is telling them to say yes, who are referred by a friend, or who feel a Guide or Angel nudging them to show up at a gathering, are the people who are ready to carry these energies.

A new web of light is created with each person who goes through the process supporting more and more people to receive this beautiful energy upgrade.

Who shows up to the gatherings?
Everyday people, moms, dads, entrepreneurs, nurses, healers, Reiki Masters, public figures, award winning; authors, singers, song writers, holistic practitioners, and so many more.

We have all sorts of people that show up and we welcome all walks of life and beliefs.

What brings so many different types of people together for the Fractal Illumination Gatherings?
There are certain characteristics of people such as; being open minded, open-hearted, loving, kind, motivated, many feel a calling and are undergoing transitions on their path. These people desire change in the world. These souls are more than ready for humanity to move to its next phase of being.

In short people who join us are ready for action guided by both wisdom and love.

Does this technique compare to anything else out there?
While this technique unique, spirit has indicated that it is similar to the work John of God does. Fractal Illumination however, is associated with a new earth frequency that specifically supports us during this point of our evolution.
I am a practitioner, public figure, or introvert and I am worried about people interrupting my sacred time, what about me?
No worries we have you covered!

Introducing the Quiet Kitty!

We absolutely understand that this is sacred time and that you may enjoy silence for events of this nature.

With some inspiration we came up with the “Quiet Kitty”. We explain the quiet Kitty and how it works to everyone before we start our day.

Basically, it’s a picture of a kitten you can wear around your neck throughout the day. If the kitty is facing outward that means you feel like being in silence and everyone in the group will respect your decision without judgement or question.

Quiet Kitty of Fractal Illumination - DNA Activation, Healing, and Re-calibration.

Quiet Kitty!

I have a medical condition and I hear people have been known to recover or be assisted in recover by Fractal Illumination. Can you advise me?
This is true. There are many strange things going on with humanity at this time and people have had some amazing results from their Fractal Illumination Activation’s.

Fractal Illumination is not, however, a replacement for traditional healthcare nor is anything expressed by us, Zac Hansen and Sheila Applegate, to be considered medical advice. Please consult your physician if you are in need of any medical care.

By all means this is something to experience along with any other traditional healthcare as a means of assisting you in achieving your own natural healing state.

If you have more questions, please give us a shout.

What can I do to support and empower myself after a Fractal Illumination Gathering?
We are glad you asked!!

Fractal Illumination is powerful and awesome energy work. That is just one aspect of understanding the changes that are happening with humanity and yourself during these times.

Sheila Applegate designed a transformational course for the changes to come that we highly recommend as your next step to embodying your highest grandest vision of yourself.

Sheila’s Program is dedicated to empowering you with the tools you need.

With so many programs out there right now, it is important to Sheila that her program holds the highest integrity and support for your integration and transformation which is why her program offers, personalized individual support from highly trained and certified Ambassadors of Consciousness.

Contact us to explore if this program is right for you. 

How Can I Contact You?
Just shoot us an email at:

Ridiculous Bonus’s Leading up to the Event

Bonus #1 – Exclusive Access to “The Four Assumptions” Master Class.

Exclusive Access to  “The Four Assumptions” Audio Master Class by Zac Hansen and Sheila Applegate.

Bonus #2 – Even More Energy!

Every day through May 4th,  Zac and Sheila will  open to the Fractal Illumination frequency and send a long distance energy activation’s to all who are registered for the gathering.

Bonus #3 – You’re Invited!

Access to our Private Facebook Community (aka your new tribe!)

So Many Kind Words! (We love you too)

“I support their endeavors 100% and urge anyone who wants to take their spiritual path a step further in a safe, loving environment to try Fractal Illumination.“

“I am honored to have experienced Fractal Illumination in its infancy, from the very beginning it was unlike any other healing modality I had ever experienced. It seemed to accelerate my spiritual path and healing with a laser-like focus. Each subsequent Fractal Illumination gathering has been a bit different, as the locations and participants vary…but each time I have left feeling lighter, joyous, relaxed and ready to take on life with a renewed sense of purpose.

I adore the dynamic Zach Hansen and Sheila Applegate bring to each session, their playful love for each other and the work is apparent and positively affects everyone in the group. I support their endeavors 100% and urge anyone who wants to take their spiritual path a step further in a safe, loving environment to try Fractal Illumination. “

Leah Shenandoah

Singer/Artist, Oneida Iroquois Wolf Clan

“This was a profound experience for me and a turning point in my life. “

“This gathering brought together those of us who were supposed to be there. Not only was there a sense of camaraderie of like minds who wanted to change our vibration to the New Earth’s vibration but also a sense of family, oneness.

We are all connected. This was a profound experience for me and a turning point in my life. Being a Reiki Master Teacher I do understand the raising of our vibrations and the teachings of the Reiki Precepts. However, Fractal Illumination goes way beyond. It re-aligns our brain, our heart, our cellular structure.

It puts our whole being into oneness. It was like an extended Reiki or massage session. My intuition became much more in tuned. Fractal Illumination gives a whole new perspective on how we live our daily lives in a much happier way in oneness.”

Todd A. Le Bouef

RMT Mind, Body & Spirit Reiki

Yes I’m Ready For An Amazing Day Of DNA Activation, Healing, Re-calibration, And Being With Awesome People!

When I Enroll In Fractal Illumination I Will Receive:

  • A Reservation at Virtual Fractal Illumination Gathering on May 14, 2020  from 7 pm to 9 pm. EST
  • Daily Long Distant Fractal Illumination Activation’s until the Gathering.
  • Access to our Private Facebook Community (aka your new tribe!)

Shall We Save You A Seat?

In support of our current world situation, this is a free community event. We welcome and will appreciate donations in any amount. Thank you.

(Please put a donation in the box. This can be $0. Then hit Register.)

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May This be our gateway to a new vibrant earth

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